«Semey’s wood treatment factory», LLC
13 Krasnyi pilshick Street
Semey city
VKO region
Republic of Kazakhstan
070403 postal code

Askar Tugysov:
8 (7222) 34-04-03
8 701 728 48 75

8 701 150 83 60


          “Semey’s wood treatment factory” LLC was founded in 2004. It emerged on the grounds of “УМИТ” (Department of machinery and transportation) Auto Depot, which existed in Soviet times in the city of Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan). Afterwards, the territory, the buildings and the boiler house became a part of the new factory.

          Since its founding, the company started a new modern method of treating sleepers/railroad ties. This manufacturer produces 3000 sleepers in 24 hours. The method of treatment is САД-ДВ drying, atmospheric pressure is a vacuum. The saturation treatment process is preformed in accordance with special requirements of standard codes, by technological instructions, by 20022.1 State Standard. There is a well developed technical infrastructure, initial network of delivering the raw materials to the factory. At the present time the factory also includes:

      The carpentry workshop

      The furniture workshop

      The workshop of turners

      The blacksmith workshop

      The welding workshop

      The workshop of metalworkers

      The workshop of plastic windows