«Semey’s wood treatment factory», LLC
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Semey city
VKO region
Republic of Kazakhstan
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If you want wood products to last longer, without damage from rot and maintain strength for years to come, they must undergo a special process –infusion treatment with antiseptics. Long life is especially important when constructing things for use in an outdoor setting. Fungal infection, ultraviolet rays, and atmospheric precipitation can quickly damage the wood. Antiseptics, on the other hand, prolong the period of their service. For example, the sleepers’/railroad ties’ period of service is extended from 10 to 25 years, poles and wooden supports for electric and communications transmission - from 12 to 50 years, wooden bridges and hydro construction - from 10 to 40 years!!!

“Semey’s wood treatment factory” has been using antiseptics in processing the lumber for many years and, we assure you that the goods, purchased from us will serve you for decades to come!




        Today we can offer you:

       Sleeper goods for high construction ways;

       1st and 2nd type of treated sleepers/railroad ties;

       Cut and uncut saw goods for building purposes, woodworking goods;

       Treatment of telegraph poles (wooden supports);

       Bridge beams;

       Wooden beams for points/switches for wide railway tracks;

       Beams for transfer points/switches.

          At the present time we offer A2, A3, A4 and B2 types of beams with P65 1/18, P50 1/11, P65 1/9, P50 1/9 sets. All raw materials used in manufacturing are output of Russia.

       Set A2 consists of the 1st type beams

        Sets A3 consists of the 1st and 2nd type beams

        Sets A4 and B consists of the beams of 2nd and 3rd types

        Type 1 is intended for main line roads

        Type 2 is intended for approaching and station roads

          *Special order sets at the discretion of the customers are also available.